Youkilis dating

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Youkilis dating

He was the rare Major Leaguer without an oversize ego."Kevin wasn't interested in hanging out with girls who were interested in hanging out with him because he was a ballplayer," Sambataro says.

"We won't name them, but there are plenty of those."Friends for nearly three years before they started dating, the low-key couple try to lead an unremarkable life.

Sambataro is in charge of Hits for Kids, Youkilis's fledgling foundation that benefits community-based children's charities and medical research programs in New England and Cincinnati.

She organizes events and fund-raisers, runs board meetings, and reviews financial requests."Enza's a dynamo - smart and extremely personable," says Youkilis's father, Michael, a jewelry wholesaler in Cincinnati.

Clairmont, who owns Salon De Cinzia in Newton, says it was upsetting to see her daughter, whom she describes as a "very outgoing girl," portrayed as some sort of temptress."It was what it was," Sambataro says with a shrug.

"Even though it was seven months after [Affleck's breakup with Jennifer Lopez], the media still had an over-exaggerated focus on Ben."The improbable romance soon ended.

Kevin's not capable of doing something like that."Before the Mohegan Sun event, I'd get e-mails from Enza at 3 a.m.," he says, "and I'd e-mail her back saying 'Go to sleep.' "With all of the money, fame, and adoring female fans, Michael Youkilis says he appreciates how difficult it is to be married to a professional ballplayer. On a recent afternoon, while the couple was sitting in the kitchen eating lunch with Mikey, Sambataro was asked when she and Kevin are getting married."It's a day-to-day thing," she said, laughing.

"I'd shoot myself before I'd have someone else raise Mikey," she says.

Among the current Red Sox spouses, Sambataro has several friends, including Kelli Pedroia, Ashley Papelbon, Anna Delcarmen, Juliana Ramirez, and Jacoby Ellsbury's girlfriend, Kelsey Hawkins.

The wedding will be Sambataro's second since her five-month fling with Affleck ended in 2004.

She was briefly married to a South Shore car dealer with whom she had a child."He wasn't what I'd call marriage material," says Sambataro, 29, cuddling with her son, Mikey, while he watches "Jakers! He's like insta-dad."As excited as she is about their engagement - the couple has yet to set a date - Sambataro has misgivings about becoming the wife of a Major League Baseball player.

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"Among my friends, I would always be the first one to do something over the top and crazy."Her relationship with Affleck, whom she met at a charity bowling tournament hosted by former Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra, might have remained under wraps if not for e-mails sent by Sambataro's starstruck roommate.

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