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Www lavalife dating com

This is not a complicated fragrance with little bit of every thing. The florals make it a bit feminine to me, but they also make Aqva Amara unique, and it will smell good to women for sure. If you like the regular Aqva Pour Homme, then you'll maybe like this one as well. You will get the blast of orange peel and florals which feature throughout, but predominantly at the initial spray.What I get is a blast of Citrus particularly Mandarin and I am some times thinking whether it is kind of the scent of the ripe peel of the Mandarin. Different, and I'm still trying to decide if I love it..as with most Bvlgari, the quality is undeniable. So, it appears this actually has been discontinued. Some might say the opening is harsh, bitter and I would have to agree, undeniably synthetic and a real nose tingler, but after time the sweetness comes through and a balance is found making it very pleasant.Quality ingredients, well known perfumer, great summer/spring everyday scent.You'd be hard pressed to find another cologne smelling similar to this.This will not work with everybody's skin chemistry (like any cologne reall Y) but when it does work it is a BEAST!

This fragrance can only wear with your confidence that yes this is it.

Anything with a Neroli vibe is always going to be a nice frag, difference is that this lasts.

Longevity is worth the great price alone, considering you can pay hundreds for a cologne that hardly lasts this good.

The base notes are Indonesian patchouli and white incense olibanum. When you first spray this you get a blast of orangey alcohol.

Famous male model Jon Kortajarena poses on a beach as a sun kissed Greek god. The fragrance is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette. Unique freshness comes with luxury and mature - This is a short description on what Aqva Amara is. I do recommend you grab on this while it still on the market. Not boozy but straight alcohol (the kind that comes in all fragrances).

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