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Hopefully a memory that won’t fade as much with time. Do this with a baby/toddler that refuses to be put down. It’s like a delicate dance of parenting techniques without coming off as too judgmental or like you’re pushing your way as THE way to parent.

It goes something like this: You have 15 minutes before you have to make breakfast, get the kids dressed, get yourself dressed, get All Of The Shit in a backpack and get out the door. I never realized how easy the Mini was until he became, well, not easy. Maybe it has to get worse, before it gets better, but at some point during the day, I think to myself, It’s a way to get attention. It’s a way to show his frustration when he’s having a hard time communicating. The only difference is that (usually) you don’t have to walk them to the door and lie to them and tell them they’re the best kisser, when really, you can’t wait to get home and sop up the excess saliva with your shamwow.

Enlightened cities, like ours, have laws to enforce the crackdown on ragweed.

I can only assume this is an oversight, and not a reflection of your character.

Hardly noticeable to anyone who wasn’t busy comparing the backs of my son’s ears. I attributed the ridge to his need to rest his hand behind his head all the time in utero, and my guess is that it just formed like that. , since I have a quick few minutes of time here, while the kids are playing in their respective rooms, post nap. So this is my Mother’s Day, and my first Mother’s Day as a Mama of two really awesome kids.This little ridge is just one of those things I love about his features. You know, those last precious few moments before their heads explode off their heads, and they start screaming to be let out of their duct tape restraints? Something I never ever thought I’d ever get to say.I always say that if anyone ever tried to claim him as their own, I would immediately know it was him by this “dent.” Plus, it’s just really cute. LG has probably one of the cutest noses on the planet. When I first noticed it, shortly after her birth, I knew that it was a definite Norwegian nose, courtesy of her father. I could spend all day beeping it, and making tiny little men ski off of it. I figured it was either, I’d never be a Mama, or be a Mama of two crappy kids, that I’d want to trade in for some really cool kids, ones that picked up after themselves, and fetched me martinis. Still, they are very awesome and adorable, and loving and I’m keeping them. They say it will pass, but I feel as if it’s only getting worse, and maybe that’s the way it goes. I never realized how meeting other mothers is dating in disguise. I’ve gone on and on and about this at length, it seems. Not that anyone would ever use the word pretentious to describe me.

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