Wsus not updating

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Wsus not updating

First, organizations should deploy security updates as soon as possible, Paquay said.Hotfixes, on the other hand, are designed to solve a particular problem.Another Ignite talk illustrated how Microsoft hopes to streamline the Windows 10 patch process via its new servicing models.A different Ignite described Microsoft's coming "service branch" options for organizations for managing Windows 10.This talk was aimed at organizations that currently manage Windows clients and that are considering managing Windows 10 clients when the new OS gets released.Of Microsoft's many update types, Paquay just described four: security updates, hotfixes, optional updates and update rollups.

Optional updates that come out each month also may have gotten ignored by IT pros over the years but Microsoft now wants organizations to test and deploy these optional updates proactively, too, Paquay explained.

Microsoft has a WU participation rate among consumers of 96 percent.

That's all good, but Microsoft hasn't been getting the enterprise feedback it wants, explained Thierry Paquay, a member of Microsoft's Windows CXE patch team.

That view, which may seem contraindicated in the minds of many IT pros, apparently is the new marching order stimulus coming from Redmond, based on some Ignite talks this month.

Windows 10, when it gets released as a final product, will have a faster update cycle that will include the delivery of new features along with security patches.

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Microsoft currently gets millions of devices worth of telemetry from its Windows consumer users each month.