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You got guys that all they can do is shoot and nothing else. Only in America can you be a lacrosse player and judge basketball. Or you’ve never played basketball and say, ‘Yeah, I was working on the stock market—[stuff] wasn’t working so now I’m in the NBA judging talent.’ [The media] can write stuff on something they have no clue about.“The future is in the mid-range. I think the three-point shot opens up the court and everything like that, but MJ and all those great players made all of their money out of the mid-range. December 12, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Portland Trail Blazers guard Evan Turner (1) moves to the basket as forward Ed Davis (17) covers against Los Angeles Clippers center Marreese Speights (5) during the first half at Staples Center. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports The Blazers have had quite a few players become familiar with the injury report this season, and the pattern continues as we hit the month of March.Ed Davis had a productive 2015-16 campaign came crashing back down to earth this season, maybe at an alarming rate.Turner will also hope to pick up where he left off where he had thrust himself into the starting lineup.He averaged 14.3ppg on 51.4% shooting in 27mpg in the 3 games in February before he got hurt.Portland’s season has been a roller coaster full of ups and downs, and this trend continues as it’s one in, and one out on the inactive list. Which may seem like an obvious thing to say about a well-connected, laid-back 27-year-old multimillionaire in jogger pants, but being comfortable isn’t always synonymous with being wealthy.

That should be of no surprise to anyone with competitors like Damian Lillard and CJ Mc Collum on the roster.

I already know who I am, I know what I can do, and whatever I can’t do I’m going to work my best on it.”Taking criticism in stride is something you get the sense Turner had to learn along the way.

The passion to prove doubters wrong still rages, but there’s a level of serenity that probably wasn’t as prevalent when he was the focus of the ire of the venomous Philadelphia sports media."In terms of being myself, if you don’t like it you can kiss my a--,” Turner says with a laugh. People take things too seriously and worry about what the outside world thinks.

Jan 10, 2017; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Portland Trail Blazers forward Ed Davis (17) attempts a shot after being fouled by Los Angeles Lakers guard Lou Williams (23) during the fourth quarter at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports Davis hitting the injury report caps off an underwhelming season where he really struggled to regain his form from last season.

He had reportedly gained 15-20 pounds in order to be the rim protector the Blazers need, but he ultimately fell in all major defensive metrics.

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There are undoubtedly plenty of rich people struggling to find comfort, be it in their relationships, professional lives, or just in their own skin.