Who is daveigh chase dating

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Who is daveigh chase dating

I used to be creeped out by her looking like an adult child, but not surprised that that was her selling feature because people are perverts, who like children looking adults…because they are weird…not as weird as her face, that shit got weirder and weirder looking…instead of hiding in her basement from the world she’s vlogging, letting you all into her world, voyeurism, because she probably doesn’t think she’s weird looking or maybe she knows it and owns it, what choice does she really have besides killing her self, and clearly it’s not that big of a deal, people still like her she still gets paid but I can still be creeped out by her.

That’s my right and not just because she pretending to be a spooky vampire in the sun with her blood soaked lipstick… I used to say that Bella Thorne is the future….may think that she’s the future, or doing every step it takes to be the future or to exist in the future, to have a career in the future, you know posting titty in underwear pics when she’s young and tight bodied….rocking some fake tits and a jacked up face…but I think she may just be an attention seeker, trying to get some validation that come in the form of followers, I mean what else propels someone to post panty pics of themselves, what’s the psychology behind that, and why can’t they just keep it to their damn self so that when we see them in panties we care….it’s this instant gratification thing that makes her and all she does really boring…because the youngs don’t understand tease, subtlety, being humble…they live life like a rap video…

I don’t find Bella Hadid hot, interesting, cool, doing cool shit, an idol or inspiration…she’s just a lot of unexplained hype…but this is what she’s up to if you’re into it…which you are thanks to her tits. Rihanna is on the cover of Vogue Arabia, because countries that don’t like their women driving or working because it means being around other men, really appreciate American music from earner Rihanna who is naked or half naked and singing about sex…you know totally in line with their culture if you look at it from an OIL MONEY BILLIONAIRE ON A YACHT perspective…because we know that despite all the rules of the religion, people break the rules, especially when rich as fuck, with access to celebrities and fancy gold things..which may be backwards but that works for Rihanna because she’s a puppet that can be bought by the highest bidder, and that Arab money, is likely the highest bidder, they spend on shit this Rihanna…I mean just look at Lohan…you see her prostiting has gone from British tourists in Barbados to execs in NYC to the Oil Fields…getting paid…work work work work work or some shit….

Here are the conservative, most conservative she’s done, you know rebranding that she cleans up nicely..

I’m more into the way you can see through her dress…

I guess what I am saying is that the world doesn’t need more Nicole Murphy papaprazzi pics…but it’s a great way to start the day.

What I do think could happen to her is the MDMA she’s taking as a raver turns into heroin or crack, it often does for the weak ones…and in a few years she’ll be in a series of rehab centers or dead… I am amazed that I have posted on Angela Olszewska before…

But then looking at her pics, I am amazed that I don’t post on Angela Olszewska every day…because anything that gets naked, even though it is breaking the rules of social media, and kinda played out, but us perverts who fill up the social media like and follow…so she does it to get likes, follows, fame, jobs, a rich boyfriend…and that is someone we should pay attention to…because they got it all figured out and because I don’t think I’ll ever really get bored of looking at naked chicks…even if they are just immigrant sex workers trying to get ahead the low level stripper way…

But the past and some truths catch up with all of them.Katie Holmes is a haggard old, washed up, fucked by Jamie Fox, Dressed like a Granny or an Amish, or a 1920s harlot…more importantly she’s a robot who was built in creepy Tom Cruise’s basement…and she’s aging terribly…because she was designed for his Scientology needs…and now no one will upgrade her firmware…and she’s melting…fast…I used to think I was joking, but then one day I saw her in the park in Montreal filming, and she actually looked better than you see in these pictures, tall, almost good looking, classy, but still old..washed up she looked at my cutest senior pug ever…and she didn’t even crack a smile..Unknowingly trapped in her role as caretaker of her unappreciative family, a young single woman desperately needs to get her own life. Carolina Mirabeau was raised 'free-spirited' with two sisters by eccentric, domineering grandma Millicent in the country.When she volunteers to cat sit at her unrequited love's downtown L. Carolina's city neighbor, talented and witty Jewish author Albert Morris, is her best friend, confidant and the wacky family's favorite guest.

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A young man wins and loses the first serious love of his life.