Who is antonio villaraigosa dating

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Who is antonio villaraigosa dating

(© Paul Buck/epa/Corbis)This time, Villaraigosa finished first in both the primary and the run-off elections, and on July 1, 2005, he was sworn in as the 41st Mayor of Los Angeles.

Although the city was founded under Spanish rule and, along with the rest of California, was part of Mexico until 1848, Villaraigosa was the first person of Latin American descent to serve as mayor since 1872.

In 1990, he was appointed to serve on the board of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, where he worked alongside the elected County Supervisors, as well as the Mayor of Los Angeles and members of the city councils of Los Angeles and neighboring cities.At 15, he left his job at a Safeway grocery store to join a picket line supporting the United Farm Workers, who were leading a boycott against the growers of table grapes in California.Although he knew little of their cause at the time, he identified with the farm workers and their struggle.Expelled from Cathedral High School, he transferred to a public high school but quickly dropped out again when he was assigned to vocational classes rather than the college preparatory courses he had taken at Cathedral.He continued getting into fights and appeared to be caught in a downward spiral.

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In his first term, he was named Assistant Majority Leader (or whip) and by the end of his term was serving as Majority Leader. Term limits forced him to leave the Assembly in 2000; the following year he made his first run for Mayor of Los Angeles.