White label dating affiliate

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Expand your market into the rest of the world with our unique International approach to the dating industry. Our design allows for easy implementation of user interface languages, geo targeting, country specific pricing and payment options.

Our customer support teams are experienced international multi-lingual experts to assist your users with any problem they may have. Bring your dating business to a new level with a fully customizable white label dating solution.

The same approach works for other facets such as Over 50s, Casual and Gay dating.

There are also some unusual terms on some websites where they claim they can irrevocably use any information that you have provided to them.

There seems to be no opt-out as to how far this data is shared between related sister companies.

Early on, Williams was joined by Steve Pammenter, a recruitment consultancy owner who helped set up Global Personals Limited in order to fund and launch White Label

All the freedom they need to undertake this new venture and high commissions from the outset!

Becoming an affiliate will give you the opportunity to generate traffic to existing and well-known brands in the dating market.

Choose from among our romantic, erotic and gay dating sites, optimised for maximum profitability.

The membership database is segmented according to personal details (age, sex, geographical location, etc.) and interests (sexual preference, music tastes, religion, hobbies, etc.) and then shared amongst all the partner sites in the network.

This means that a member who joins on a “general” dating site will appear in the search results of all sites in the same category.

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Having been behind the creation of the White Label, PRELINKER has now developed the concept to cover a wider range of activities.