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So I looked online to see if there was a solution, and I found this website and many others, and all the threads I read showed that there's no way to get back to Pay Pal other than to make another account with different personal information.I called Pay Pal customer service and they said they can't help me with this and that I should contact the Brand Risk Management team (aup at Paypal dot com).Some of the webcams that have vulnerabilities that would allow them to be attacked in such a way are already being recalled after last week’s attack.But even if every device that was used in the attack was recalled, the threat will still exist – technologists have repeatedly warned about insecure and unsafe internet of things devices, and people are likely to continue making them.

Dale Drew, chief security officer at communications provider Level 3, said that other networks of compromised machines were also used in Friday's attack, suggesting that the perpetrator had rented access to several so-called botnets.

I wanted to use Pay Pal to do mass-payments and revenue share with the video professionals. : Dear Xxx Xxxxx, We have recently reviewed your Pay Pal account activity, and determined that you are in violation of Pay Pal's Acceptable Use Policy regarding your use of Pay Pal to pay Broadcasters on Chaturbate and for your intended use of Pay Pal on X.

This was when I discovered the Acceptable Use Policy via Pay Pal Developers website, which says I must first ask Pay Pal for permission if I am to use Pay Pal for certain digital goods. Please refer to the following examples: - Transaction 123ABC, 123XYZ, 123EFG As a result, your account has been permanently limited and this cannot be appealed.

Once they are, they become something like a very vulnerable computer – and assembled together, they are an incredibly powerful cyberweapon.

Each internet of things device might only be small, but if they are harnessed together they can be pointed at one specific part of the internet and cause it to fall over. Large swathes of the internet became inaccessible because apparently innocent devices started hurling requests at one specific server, causing it to break and no longer provide the information that it would usually.

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