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Vietnam dating vn

Left to our own devices to replicate the ease with which the instructor used the pottery wheel to form vases and bowls, my lump formed and reformed countless times in thirty fruitless minutes, still looking like a 3rd grader’s abandoned art project.I was frustrated and splattered in mud but having a great time. For a cheaper, quicker alternative, all the government owned bookstores around town will have a crafts corner, usually upstairs.

Better yet, kick in a few more dong and go for the Highest Tea at VND 350,000.Thanks to the world financial crisis, the skyrocketing cost of fuel and fluctuating currencies of the late 2000’s, the idea of staycations – a holiday close to home – exploded onto the scene.It was suddenly trendy to stay at a quaint little B&B and visit area attractions instead of blowing the budget on far-flung destinations.In honor of my staycation at the plush Park Royal this past weekend, I present some of my favorite quirky things to do in Saigon.Highest Tea I love that Saigon is still a transitional city.

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The first time I went there about 20 years ago, there were a bunch of similar restaurants. Yes, you’ll probably see a smattering of other tourists there (it’s a favorite spot for small group tours), but the majority of customers are still locals – friends and family – wanting to have these hands-only pancakes stuffed with pork and shrimp, meant to be rolled up in a lettuce leaf and dipped in fish sauce. I recently went with a and we stuffed ourselves silly with crepes, spring rolls, sugarcane stuffed with minced prawn, beef fondue and a crunchy lotus stem salad all washed down with beer for less than USD 10 each.