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At the end of the trailer, Niko is threatened by gangsters and is forced to join their gang.The song can be heard in one of the game's radio station, Vladivastok FM.Grand Theft Auto IV is the first title in the third generation of the best-selling Grand Theft Auto video game franchise developed by Rockstar North which was released on 29 April 2008.As the release date approached, Rockstar had been marketing the game heavily." by one woman named Michelle, and kissed on the cheek by another.Niko begins looking for Roman, who is hiding from gangsters; various combat scenes are shown before Niko and Roman are attacked, captured and interrogated.Other recurring elements from the GTA series appear in the trailer as well; examples include Binco, Sprunk, 24-Seven, Burger Shot and Cluckin' Bell.The song played in the second trailer is "Arm In Arm (Shy Child Remix)" by a New York-based band, The Boggs.

Callers are asked to first read the Terms and Conditions before calling which allow Rockstar to use the voice mail message in GTA IV.Rockstar has stated that all the trailer's footage is in high-definition 720p, generated real-time by the game's RAGE engine, running on "a next-gen gaming console." Microsoft stated this console was an Xbox 360.Incidentally, the initial server overload due to the heavy traffic is also credited for causing the first instances of Rickroll, where a 4chan user linked to the music video for Rick Astley's song Never Gonna Give You Up & Together Forever claiming it was a mirror of the trailer on You Tube.On 4 April 2008, a commercial was released, showing Niko walking towards the camera in many areas, from a prison to an airport.The main purpose of the video is to showcase both the realistic environments and the fluid walking animation of the main character.

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In parts of Belgium, wanted posters depicting Niko Bellic and Little Jacob appeared.

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