Updating xbox 360 without live

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Also if at first modifying the file doesn't work try restarting the compuer it worked for me!By the way nice instructable, looks like you covered pretty well, would have been useful when I modded mine. Baghetty Da Rat, Unfortunately this mod doesn't work for the 360 (I wish).On a 1.6 Xbox, your screen will probably display a corrupt unreadable image, this is fine just ignore it for now and watch for your LED to flash green which means the process is complete.If your not sure just eject your game disk and power off the Xbox after two minutes, this should be more than enough time to create the EEPROM backup.Power back on and without any game in the DVD-drive your Xbox should boot to the Unleash X screen you saw earlier.The first thing you should do is FTP into your xbox using the IP address shown on your dashboard (user=xbox pass=xbox).A possibility exists that Microsoft will eventually implement a check for these type of exploits and when discovered will Ban your Xbox from be able to use the 'Live' service.When you want to revert back to the Softmod you basically repeat the steps to do the exploit the first time with the exception that you should choose 'Waffle Tools' then 'Backup Menu' (NOT Install UXE Package) now here simply choose the option 'Restore Modded Backup' this will copy the files needed to revert your box to the Unleash X dash, once complete reboot your Xbox and you should be back to the Unleash X dashboard.i downloaded splinter cell from link provided.

You can modify your console's settings so that updates are downloaded automatically or have to be downloaded manually.

Now copy the EEPROM back-up to your PC's Hard-drive, the back-up will have been made of your original MS Dash, as well as the installed UXE package in E:\Backup\.

Your EEPROM will be saved to E:\Backup_linux\, copy these folders and burn them onto a CD to keep them safe.

when you plug it into one of the ports and try to access it, it'll tell you the data is corrupted "or something" and ask if you want to format it.

It'll format it to FATX format (standard Xbox file system format, same used by Action Replay and Microsoft memory cards). Note: its also useful to have the USB adapter if you want to use a keyboard and/or mouse when you're done with this Oh right, forgot, if you use the above method, you have to use the action replay software to copy the file onto the flash drive.

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There are also several steps you can take if your Xbox One is having difficulty installing an update.

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