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cites: System_upgrade and you say you want to save your installed software, what do you mean..you wanna save your old Apache or pine and use with a new 11.4 base system? ) of your current install, sufficiently to restore the system at any point.

are we talking a desktop system on a laptop or an enterprise server in a rack... hmmmmm, there is (somewhere) the way to do it, but i can't find it now... It would also be wise to test all of the intermediate steps as fresh installs on a spare partition (or disk!

Thus for ongoing system integrity it is recommended to switch to the new feature level as early as possible.

You can only update to Service Pack 2, if Service Pack 1 is fully installed beforehand.

the easiest way to get a stable open SUSE system would be to save your data to an off machine location and do a format install of 11.4--careful, if yours is a desktop-less, or headless server you are gonna be (probably) disapointed to learn that open SUSE 11.4 is *not* your daddy's Su SE 9.2 the default install of 11.4 with will be a full-up desktop machine with either KDE, Gnome, LXDE or other GUI....a server install is possible, of course, but you have select that during install...see: 5, to have a full up server you must select "Other" and then . and, you might note that the service life of open SUSE is far shorter (see: than that of the enterprise version SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (see: (from 11.2 x86_64 "Emerald" at Telcontar) :-P But it has to be explained, there are limitations: - It can not be done in one big step.

come to think of it, there _may_ be a smooth easy upgrade path from SUSE Linux 9.2 Professional to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server version 11, check it out at novell.com/linux and in their fora at forums.let us know what your needs are if you intend to use open SUSE.. If I remember correctly, the term "professional" meant the paid DVD vs the downloaded install. - It can not be done "live": that is certainly not supported. - The support is "past tense" for some of the steps.

With it, enterprises can cost-effectively deliver core business services, enable secure networks, and simplify the management of their heterogeneous IT infrastructure, maximizing efficiency and value.

The only enterprise Linux recommended by Microsoft and SAP, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is optimized to deliver high-performance mission-critical services, as well as edge of network, and web infrastructure workloads.

Designed for interoperability, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server integrates into classical Unix as well as Windows environments, supports open standard interfaces for systems management, and has been certified for IPv6 compatibility.

If you suspect you are running short of disk space, secure your data before updating and repartition your system.

There is no general rule of thumb regarding how much space each partition should have.

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This modular, general purpose operating system runs on three processor architectures and is available with optional extensions that provide advanced capabilities for tasks such as real time computing and high availability clustering.

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