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The problem was GPU related,yet the guy still updated the BIOS. Or how do you know you should reset it back to defaults?

Greetings I just installed a new cmos battery in mboard.

Pins 1-2 once shorted will clear NVRAM and reset all ESCD Settings This is another method that can be used to reset the BIOS on the system by simply removing the CMOS coin cell battery and then clearing power from the system.For more information about configuring your BIOS, see our guide to configuring your BIOS.When you make changes to your BIOS configuration, the settings are not stored on the BIOS chip itself. I've built a new computer a little while ago and sent it to service for a certain problem.When I went to take it back,the technician said "I've also updated the BIOS".

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It holds a small amount of data, usually 256 bytes.

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