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Updating aircraft equipment list

Including storaged equipment still operational, the Swedish army possesses: 280 tanks, 212 tank destroyers, around 1,300 APCs, 860 IFVs, 11,300 utility vehicles, 220 mortars, and currently 4 (24 when all are delivered) 155 mm self-propelled artillery pieces.Sweden lacks conventional multiple rocket launchers, but instead relies on fast-moving vehicles equipped with guided anti-tank missiles.

For example, during an exercise outside California, the HSw MS Gotland managed to penetrate the massive defensive measures of an entire American carrier group, "sinking" the USS Ronald Reagan among other ships.

We detest providing our customers with a "no capability" response and will exhaust every resource before we have to do so.

The Swedish army consists of 30,000 active troops along with 22,988 military reserves and 38,000 militias.

Czech Airlines Handling zajišťuje pozemní služby neboli odbavení cestujících a letadel pro řadu leteckých společností.

Díky špičkovému zázemí a zkušenému personálu provádí handling každoročně více než polovinu všech pohybů a cestujících na mezinárodním Letišti Václava Havla Praha.

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