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However, Tails needs help on trying to handle this, so he goes to his teammates for advice.

I always want to have a little tear-session after I talk to my fam, but I also know that I’d feel like a big ol’ pile of shite if I didn’t catch up with them. I do these 5 things every year and really REALLY helps.

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One day, Sonic and Knuckles are about to do a wheelbarrow race through the Valley of Broken Glass with Tails being the one to keep the time.

Does anyone have any tips or traditions that you’ve started since you’ve been an expat?

There’s freakin’ LOADS of room on my list for more traditions, so bring it on.

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A German national rearing snake in Malindi has promised cash reward of 10,000 to anyone who will give information leading to recovery of 14 years python lost in a mysterious condition from his farm.

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