Transas license updating help

Posted by / 10-Sep-2017 02:32

Combined with the portable pilot units from the Navicom, Transas Pilot PRO will provide pilots around the world with the tools for safe and efficient pilotage and other on-board operations.

These experienced pilots navigate the English Channel and North Sea on a daily basis on all types of vessels.

The AIS Text Messages functionality can be enabled in the Sensors / Connection Settings menu and will be displayed as one of the secondary panels.

Now you can send and receive AIS Messages through AIS Pilot Plug connection and onboard AIS Class A transponder.

• Display of the JHOD Permit # 282511 when Japanese charts are loaded.

• It is now possible to restore chart folios purchased earlier for which the chart update service has expired.

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• Automatic setting of ship dimensions during Navicom Dynamics Channel Pilot sensor calibration (VDM5 input).