Trans dating dating a soldier relationship story

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Trans dating

In said video, they are reacting to another You Tuber by the name of Neon Fiona (known simply as Fiona) who made a video about how it is transphobic for a lesbian to say they’re not attracted to trans women.While Scarcella and friend could’ve stated their ignorant opinions and left it at that, they chopped up Fiona’s video (which is currently unavailable) to a near non-recognizable point and proceeded to mock her after every few words without allowing her video to have much context of its own. Trans activist and You Tuber Kat Blaque sounded off on Scarcella on Twitter and hit the nail on the head.America is baring its teeth against you and you’re standing strong as always. And those of us who are real allies are here to defend you, to listen to you, and to take action with you.

And I have the right to seriously question your motives.

He said Whigham picked him up at the gate of Keesler and the two went straight to the hotel where Whigham was staying.

He said after they had a form of sex at the hotel, she told him she was a transgender woman. I lost it,” he said, saying he really didn’t remember much afterward.

Indeed, these studies are a rationale for the provision of transition services and the increasing coverage of costs for those services.

Transition saves lives, and the denial of transition kills trans people. The subtext to item 1 is, of course, ‘you shouldn’t be dating’.2.

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I hate giving Internet space to the voices of negativity, but for the sake of conversations that the LGBT community needs to be having, I’m going to talk about Arielle Scarcella.

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