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# Default value is 75%,25% frames=80%,20% # border between input/output frames (default value is 1) border=0 # view chat without login: 1 - yes, 0 - no (default value is 1) # if view=1 you can see messages without logging into chat view=1 # login frame name. # By default it is _top login=your_frame # Your own login dialog. So in the minimal configuration file can have just one form: And you can skip default initial screen at all.You can set your own # html file for login dialog (first screen). For modern browsers # you may set dhtml=1 and avoid screen blinking. Just incorporate such form into your HTML (JSP) page.Others, such as MSN Web Communities, guide users through the steps required to create their own chat room. If your browser is not Java enabled you will not see the chat room but get a message ' 2. When you visit the web page with the chat room and your browser supports Java you will see the chat window. To silence annoying chatters in your room , check the 'ignore user' check box and highlight the user and then any message sent by the user will not be displayed on your screen. If you want to surf to something else, highlight the URL in the chat window and hit Surf.Users can enter chat rooms and read messages without sending any, a practice known as lurking.

Also this chat supports WAP/WML and mobile users with legacy phones can join your chat's community too. So you may translate them from English to # your language for example. If you set this parameter user with such name # will be able to remove other users from chat admin=your_login_name # Unique names.

You need to use a web browser that is Java enabled in order to use Para Chat. By default, the Surf button takes you to the last URL in the chat text, i.e the last URL someone typed in as part of their message or was in the chat window.

Click on the Connect button , enter you user name (other fields are not required) and click on OK. You will see the others in the black window on the right. Check the 'private chat' check box and highlight the user and then any message typed is sent only to that user with a [PRIVATE your_name] in front of it so he know who sent it and that it is private. This is how you can visit that cool site some user just typed a message about.

Names for attributes in session scope are: Chat User Name - for user name Chat User Email - for e-mail address Chat User Color - for foreground color This option lets you authorize users in your own application and reuse customer's data in the chat.

Also you can prohibit access to chat for users with no Chat User Name attribute in sessions.

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Each line describes some replacement for default label in the form of: default_label=your_replacement Default labels are: User, Mail, Host, Address, To, Logout, Refresh, Log, Users, Send, All For example: You may use Chat Info Bean for getting the information about created chat rooms.

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