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Were this true, the above serial number might represent the year 1953.

I can not begin to tell you how to accurately date an over head valve Lauson or an engine from the 1st generation design period.

I do not claim the chart to be entirely accurate, from time to time I uncover information that may allow me to tweak these dates a bit.

It really is a best guess based upon the current information at my disposal.

Unfortunately, there is little concrete information that helps us absolutely date a Lauson engine.

Always make sure that drain oil is disposed of properly.

On units that the drain plug is accessible, remove the plug and allow the oil to drain into a proper receptacle.

Reformulated fuels containing no more than 10% Ethanol, 15% MTBE, 15% ETBE or premium gasoline can bu used if unleaded regular gasoline is not available.

Unleaded gasoline burns cleaner, extends engine life and promotes better starting by reducing combustion chamber deposits.

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Using model LEV115-57010B, serial 8105C as an example, interpretation is as follows: New short blocks are identified by a tag marked S.