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Has Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, who famously tweeted that she's a virgin, finally found the perfect man?On ' The Tonight Show' last night, Jones jokingly said she's got her eye on none other than Tim Tebow. When Leno asked the Olympic hopeful about her relationship status, Jones said she's focused on the upcoming games rather than dating.You know, it's a 100% way not to get rejected," she said. K., who was also a guest on the show last night, made a typically inappropriate (but funny) joke about a possible Jones/Tebow sex tape, which elicited loud groans from the audience."I'm just saying, it would be very popular," he deadpanned.I had no competition on our wedding night and he had no baggage from past sexual relationships.There were no old girlfriends that I had to compete with or memories of past sexual escapades. I applaud Tim Tebow for taking a stand in this area. But I believe they are a lot of men like Tim and Jerome who have committed themselves to their future wives by taking a stand for purity now.GARAFOLO: Tebow's time with the Jets nears end It's assumed the source was talking about the relationship, but it could have just as easily been referring to Tebow's stints in Denver and New York.

And if sparks don't fly between these two, there are always other Duggar daughters waiting in the wings!

Marrying a man who pledges himself to purity says that you're more valuable to him then temporary gratification.

We're going into our 23rd year of marriage and I'm so glad that he waited for me.

Do you think Lolo and Tebow would make a cute couple?

"It just didn't work out," a source told US Weekly.

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My husband, Jerome Haywood, pledged himself to purity when he was a brand-new Christian at 21-years-old.

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