Stolen webcam footage

Posted by / 15-Feb-2017 13:33

Stolen webcam footage

Cam Wizard is a software that allows you to monitor and detect motion.

The emailing function does not rely on any third party emailing software or user interaction, Cam Wizard has a robust SMTP mail sending engine embedded right in the application itself, very nice!

Cam Wizard movies contain an accurate time stamp on every frame as a transparent overlay, this format makes Cam Wizards output perfectly suitable for courtroom evidence purposes.

Why go to the bother and expense of purchasing a CCTV system with motion detection when Cam Wizard can do it all for you!

Every girl is hand picked, and we use the best cameras.

With the emailing option enabled it's even possible to gain useful evidence even if, god forbid, your PC is stolen.

One hours worth of footage takes only ~12MB, so a 100gig hard drive has enough room for a year of continuous footage, when you bear in mind that Cam Wizard only records footage when movement is detected, you soon realise that this is a very powerful system indeed.

With it's audio alarm function Cam Wizard can be configured to alert you with a Woo Woo (like a car alarm) alert in the event of motion in the scene, or in a user defined rectangle in the scene, great for a baby monitor, or a trade counter monitor to alert staff.

GUI Enhancement: Added a CPU monitoring thread that reports the applications current CPU useage in the dialogs bottom status bar.

Changed directshow code, now takes slightly less CPU time, especially noticable when application is minimised.

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Remember that song from 1984, “Somebody’s watching me?