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Speeddating info

Remember not to invade another person's personal space, as this is a major faux pas in speed dating. If you feel that your date is uncomfortable with your touch, don't get too close.

One of the rules in speed dating is to not give any personal info.

This is one of the speed dating tips that never fails to work.

Smiling not only brightens up your face and makes you even more beautiful; it will also make you more approachable and comfortable to be with.

Not only that, think about it, you would have spent that time and money 25 times!

They sure have a lot of speed dating tips to share as well.

People are more attracted to people who look at them straight in the eye when they converse. While it's good to say nice things, overdoing the compliments may mean certain death on the date.

People often make the mistake of taking this and other similar speed dating tips literally. Overcomplimenting comes across as insincere, even if you truly are. This is one of the speed dating tips that you should not not remember!

Read the articles we have assembled below and you should be able to survive your first event.

Speed Dating events are usually offered in your area by local operators of nationwide Speed Dating outfits such as Fast Life, Hurry Date, Fastdater, Pre-Dating, ...

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and by local independent Speed Dating organizations - to find a Speed Dating event near you check our Local Singles Events Guide at the bottom of this page. Speed Dating can be arranged individually or by an organization as a Speed Dating Party with many people.