Speed dating bermuda

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Speed dating bermuda

Those slightly less adventurous could find themselves at Blue Juice, the open-air second floor disco, or at The Beach, aptly named “The Shame of Front St.

Goslings”, makers of Black Seal Rum, have a long-running marketing campaign called The Dark and Stormy Trail.

Bermuda is a great place to visit, and generally a great place to work.

But unless you’re independently wealthy (a single million doesn’t count), this crazy little country is not the best place to retire. Nothing is quite what you would expect, and Bermuda information sites like Bermuda-Online ( don’t quite tell the whole story of what you can expect here.

Blame it on the opportunistic real estate agents and greedy landlords. The sad truth is that housing in Bermuda is some of the most expensive on earth. There’s only so much land, and it’s almost all gone. I stayed a few months last winter with a friend in Somerset.

Few new houses are being built, and those few that are “affordable” (a highly relative term) are located either in Somerset at the far west end, or in St. By the end of my two months, I was considering moving back to Canada, where the commute would only be ½ an hour.

This horrid practice gives absolutely no incentive to the service staff to provide a good experience, although, again “for your convenience”, some of the upper-end restaurants will add a line for you to add an additional amount over the 15%, should you choose. Only In Bermuda: Studio Apartments For 00/mo, 2 Bedrooms For 00 Blame it on the reinsurance companies and their overly generous housing allowances. Wait – no, that can’t be right – the exchange ratio is 1:1 with the greenback!One of two national drinks of this country, the Dark and Stormy ( is an intoxicating (literally) blend of Black Seal and ginger beer.At any of the abundant tourist information kiosks around the country, you can pick up the D&S card, which has a list of 40-50 restaurants.Count on 00 or more for a room in a houseshare (your bedroom, plus common area), 00 or so for a basic 1-bedroom place that isn’t out in St. Add 0-0/mo for electricity, 0 or more for phone and Internet, -50 for basic cable and you’re set. It’s Not If You’ll Fall, It’s When Will You Fall Call them scooters, auxiliary cycles, or mopeds, you will probably be using one of these as your primary transportation. To get around the gridlock, the adventurous, young, and stupid among us have discovered a hidden “middle lane” along every road.Selling for 00-00 new, and as little as 0 used, these Vespa-like scooters are ubiquitous across the island. Sometimes yellow, sometimes white, it’s always there if you search hard enough. They say everyone falls off (or gets knocked off) their bikes at least once.

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Allow me to make a quick plug for our water guy – Anthony from HB Water. Anywhere else, a grouping of 60,000 people would be a town, and would depend on a much larger city close by. Back in Canada, it was a rare surprise to run into someone you knew when walking or driving down the street. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t see at least one person whose name I know. Leave food on the counter and it will be crawling with ants within a couple of hours.

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