Sophos enterprise console stopped updating

Posted by / 30-Nov-2016 01:47

Sophos enterprise console stopped updating

Most sites you use online will have a higher ping time.Unless you have 500 megabit to 1gigabit , you should be able to ignore ping time and still test your line to maximum speed. This is a browser based speed test, and needs some temporary memory to store the incoming data before it can free it.

You should be fully aware of what you have installed on your PC and know what it is doing!Inevitably it gets this wrong and silently blocks things that are not ads to say nothing of slowing down your browser.If you use Adblock you can't really expect any help from websites that have any ad revenue. general you can solve any issues with mobile speed measurements by simply setting the number of upload/download streams to 1/1, and then increasing it to find the best setting.Having a CURRENT version of your mobile OS and browser is also a big help.

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If the PC is not IDLE before the test, or if the CPU usage gets over 50% DURING the test, then this could indicate a problem.

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