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And instead of fleeing in horror, both sides laugh and laugh.

A few months ago, an alarming survey suggested that "Yellow Fever" is more widespread than previously suspected. Seriously, most of us have a preference (or two, or three), but have you ever stopped to think why you're attracted to certain people and not others?And whether underlying that attraction, or lack thereof, lurks some kind of prejudice?On a tumblr called “Creepy White Guys,” one sad man writes: “So, this message may come across as weird or crazy, but I’m just gonna be honest and tell you what I’m into…” What he’s “into” is sex with Chinese women telling him how wonderful he is. Wong's list, "9 Wack Things Men Have Said to Me To Deny Their Asian Fetish," went viral precisely because these "wack" lines are so commonplace.In my 20s, I ran so far away from men with Asian fetishes that I ended up running away to Paris, only to find myself promptly (and inaccurately) turned into "la belle Japonaise" by Frenchmen fascinated by my..

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But mosquitoes are interested in women like me for simple chemical reasons. For the time being, let’s put aside the fact that the mosquitoes doing the biting are all female, and focus on what happens when a mosquito-magnet gets bitten.

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