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Today it wasn't even showing as 'sharing' my mic until I changed from broadcast Video/Audio to just broadcast Audio.

I'm not running with a webcam, am using a USB wireless mic.

Friday I ran a game, people could not always see each other, for some reason after some time I got a bit robotic. Had to switch to skype Sunday, small issues, but nothing too major.

Me and one of my player could not see or hear each other while the rest of the group could see both of us.

Using advanced social interaction and customizable characters, players can truly be themselves, virtually.

But, on his end, it says that me and the rest of the players 'failed to connect'.

I've already walked him through this It seems that my other friend who has a 64bit version of Chrome OS manages to enter our game with no problem.

Running No Script to block everything, but even allowing scripts globally did not work.

Tuesday, ran a game, was complete chaos, but apparently there were some serious hiccups in the system, so nothing surprising.

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