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A windscreen for the microphone shall be used when required.

Traffic, aircraft and other transportation noise sources and other background noises shall not be considered in taking measurements except where such background noise interferes with the primary noise being measured.

It shall be unlawful to sustain in any enclosed place of public entertainment, including but not limited to a restaurant, bar, cafe, discotheque or dance hall, any amplitude equal to or in excess of 95 d B(A) sustained for more than 30 seconds. Such sound or noise is to be measured by a sound level meter approved by the American Standards Association from any area to which the public is invited within any enclosed place of public entertainment.

Applications for a permit for relief from the noise level designated in this chapter on the basis of undue hardship may be made to the Mayor and Council or their duly authorized representative.

If the noise is not smooth and continuous and is not radiated between the hours of p.m.

Violations of this chapter shall be prosecuted in the same manner as other violations of the ordinances of the Borough of Northvale; provided, however, that in the event of violation of § 127-5 of this chapter, a written notice of intention to prosecute will be given the alleged violator not fewer than five calendar days prior to the issuance of a summons.

The measurement of sound or noise shall be made with a sound level meter and octave band analyzer meeting the standards prescribed by the American Standards Association.

The instruments shall be maintained in calibration and good working order.

For the purpose of this section, all sound pressure levels shall be measured by a sound level meter manufactured according to American Standards S-1.4, dated 1961, published by the United States of America Standards Institute, New York, New York, as the same has been amended and supplemented, and shall be measured by such sound level meter operated by representatives of the Board of Health of the Borough of Northvale, which measurement shall be determined by the final average of no less than three readings of the meter taken at the same distance from the source of the offending noise at not less than two-minute intervals. No blower located within 200 feet of a residential district shall be operated except during the hours of a.m. on weekdays unless the noise level of said blower is no more than five decibels above the ambient noise level.

The place of measurement shall be as close to the source as possible or, in lieu thereof, measurement may be made in the vicinity of the house or establishment where the complaint is originated in reasonable relationship to the offending noise source using the A scale of the meter with the slowest meter response in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer; in the event that there is not direct access to the noise source, the reading may be taken at the center of the room where the complainant resides with one window open in the room in which the measurement is taken, and it shall be a violation if the noise level at this source exceeds the noise differential heretofore provided of 10 or five decibels difference, depending upon the hours during which the measurement is taken. Body shops, auto repair shops and gasoline service stations.

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It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any motor of a motor vehicle of a weight in excess of four tons (8,000 pounds) for a consecutive period longer than two minutes while such vehicle is standing on private property and located within 150 feet of property zoned and used for residential purposes except where such vehicle is standing within a completely enclosed structure.

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