Sex cams w thout password

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Sex cams w thout password

samba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. export a folder in Kubuntu to my Windows Vista computer so that any user in Vista can read/write to the folder?

Links with more info: Windows Shares Permanently and Samba can be administered via the web with SWATThe link: Windows Shares Permanently describes mounting Windows shares into Kubuntu. Does anyone know, how i can reinstall the WLAN-module again?

If that fails, see - Troubleshooting - For playing audio files, see ! MP3Find your themes at: - - Also see !Once you have finished with your edits, you will need to logout and reboot.hello i created a dir at /home/my_user/Documentos and im trying to mount a partition dere to save all my music and i succesfully mounted it (/dev/hda4) but i need root permissions to write. nope flaccid im trying to mount a partiotion (/dev/hda4) so i created a directory /home/my_user/Documentos and i want to put there i mounted it editing fstab but when i tried to modify something eg.creating a dir hello i need root permissionwhenever i use the kde sound system for anything (login sound, konqueror sound preview) there is a long delay and in konqueror the window goes grey for a few seconds, this only started with a recent reboot, another reboot didn't fix it, does anyone know what causes this?

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