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Sex and naugty pics chatrooms

Many gaming sites also have chatroom capabilities leaving a child vulnerable to potential exploitation. "There are ways to turn the webcam on without you knowing you're being watched," said an FBI Special Agent.

Predators aren't scary looking and don't stand out.

They work at becoming that child's friend and gaining trust which is known as the grooming process.

"It could continue for days or weeks before the pedophile begins bringing up sexual topics, asking for explicit pictures or for a personal meeting. A teacher happened to confiscate this girl's phone and noticed inappropriate text messages.

No one wants their child to be that victim that we read about in the news all too frequently.

Chatrooms are predators' dream come true and are the predominant online location where predators meet kids.

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Your teen comes home from school and goes up to his/her bedroom, closes the door and goes online. The good news is that your child actually becoming the victim of an online predator is unlikely.

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