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If you have caught him in an online liaison once before, you should assume he will try to hide what he does from now on. One way to do this is to install a spy app on his phone or tablet.

This will show you everything that he does on that device.

Be careful because people can become so obsessed with finding the truth that they end up pushing the other person away.

She was wrong to cheat on you, and it will take some time to rebuild trust.

I need more in depth info regarding her social media accounts.

I'm not looking for her public records such as address and phone listing.

You can check but perhaps he is just speaking to friends.

A fast way to find out is to go through his messages and call log on his phone.

You can also do a reverse photo lookup on Google to see if he has a certain photo posted on other websites.

Recently found hubby typing intimately online, he shut down or hid his old Facebook from me. I'm not so sure, he uses two similar email accounts.

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I am based in Cape Town, South Africa and cannot register for the various "tools" on offer to validate or dismiss my concerns?

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