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modification of latitudinal controls by land and water interaction i. Europe has a long history of human development and is considered the birthplace of Western Civilization: the result of classical civilizations, Christianity, the Renaissance and Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial and Scientific Revolutions a.Greece: philosophy, democracy, roots of science, art and architecture b.While today’s problem for developing countries is the high level of poverty due to high fertility, tomorrow’s problem will be avoiding a decline in living standards in countries with aging populations and declining workforces.Northern Europe, France and the UK have in varying degrees tried to avoid it with programs such as job protection and generous leave for pregnant and nursing mothers, government funding of nursery schools, direct child support payments and other measures to reduce the economic opportunity costs of childbearing.

Some, like Belgium, have two major ethnic groups - the Flemings and the Walloons - share a common religion, but do not speak the same language.

falling share of world’s population but continues to experience slow natural growth (birth rates lower than death rates; immigration prevents population loss) 2.

in last stage of Demographic Transition (or beyond): women in workforce, widespread contraception, shortage of affordable housing, some countries offer incentives to increase national growth 3. age-dependent boom and bust: A higher ratio of young dependants usually correlates with increased poverty.

Even after the split, ethnic differences still cause fighting and conflict. political system: commitment to democracy where the leaders rule only with the consent of the population b.

These ethnic groups have followed a policy of ethnic cleansing (expelling or killing an entire ethnic group), leading to thousands of deaths and refugees. legal system: Napoleonic Code derived from Roman Law c.

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sparsely populated except in the Rhine, Rhine, Elbe and Danube river valleys d. includes ranges in the Italian and Balkan peninsulas, northern Spain, southern France …