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The subsequent warming trend was marked by the Finiglacial retreat in northern Scandinavia, the Ostendian (early Flandrian) marine transgression in northwestern Europe.The very youthfulness of the Holocene stratigraphic sequence makes subdivision the geologic record, but the Holocene is unique because it is coincident with the late and post-Stone Age history of mankind.The influence of humans is of world extent and is so profound that it seems appropriate to have a special geologic name for this time. The Holocene represents the most recent interglacial interval of the Quaternary period.Work in this field by the University of Arizona’s Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, by selection of both living trees and deadwood, has carried the year-by-year chronology back more than 7,500 years.Certain pitfalls have been discovered in tree-ring analysis, however.

Nevertheless, in experienced hands, just as with varve counting from adjacent lakes, ring measurements from trees with overlapping ages can extend chronologies back for many thousands of years.Marine shells consist of calcium carbonate (Ca CO), and in certain coastal regions there is upwelling of deep oceanic water that can be 500 to more than 1,000 years old.An “age” from living shells in such an area can suggest that they are already hundreds of years old.The relative slowness of the Earth’s crustal movements means that most areas which contain a complete marine stratigraphic sequence are still submerged.Fortunately, in areas that were depressed by the load of glacial ice there has been progressive postglacial uplift (crustal rebound) that has led to the exposure of the nearshore deposits.

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