Pros and cons about interracial dating

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Maybe it was the drinks, or maybe it was the flashback to my youth but, embarrassingly, I realised I was getting turned on!I knew I was blushing and started gulping down my drink.It wasn’t hard for Stacey to talk me into going to a club she likes.

They’d let go of my thighs but I made no attempt to close my legs. I was so wet several fingers were pushed up inside of me with no difficulty, while others were rubbing and pinching my clit.

When we cuddle it was normal for me to rub her inner thigh or her tummy or whatever. My hand slipped under her panties and there was a lot of finger play. I then removed her undies and there was a lot of tongue play.

She came again and we went back to making out and fingering.

I need some feedback to help me work out where my life is going!

I’m the general counsel in a mid-sized manufacturing company; a couple of months back we were having a night out for the office staff so I arranged a “leave pass” with Hubby.

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I’ve always been a happy, faithful wife but something happened a couple of months back that is tearing my world apart.

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  1. And let’s not forget, Annalise’s HGTV interlude was merely one of a dozen or so gasp-inducing moments that kicked off a flash-forward murder mystery, a devastating breakup, a possible execution and the introduction of a new character all of America is sure to despise.