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Prison dating service

Trayhorn has asserted that he felt forced to resign from his position as the prison's gardner because of the response to his remarks during the chapel service."Mr.Trayhorn is convinced that his involvement in chapel services provoked a hostile response from prison officials, leading to a series of issues being raised with him," Christian Legal Centre reported.Find out more in the video above, and detailed below. The New Hanover Clerk of Court’s Criminal office also told Us that Eason has appealed the ruling to the Superior Court, but no court date has been scheduled yet.Should he end up serving his sentence while Evans, 24, is expecting their first child together, it won’t be the first time the MTV personality has been left alone while pregnant as her beau sits behind bars.If people come to a Christian chapel service, we cannot hold back the gospel truth that God forgives those who repent," Trayhorn said in a statement after the ruling."In no way did my speaking from 1 Corinthians 6 intend to bully or mistreat anyone.

Christian Legal Centre Chief Executive Andrea Williams said in a statement that the judgment sets a "dangerous precedent" for those who preach the Gospel."To say that quoting a verse from the Bible can be offensive, could have serious implications on the freedom of prison ministers to share the good news of the gospel," she said.Such sites have existed since the 1990s, and there are now nearly 50, in addition to dozens of Facebook and Yahoo groups that together boast more than 100,000 free-worlders looking for incarcerated people to write.Renea has become part of a network of small businesses that help prisoners keep in touch with these pen pals, in addition to friends and family on the outside.According to the law group, Trayhorn was immediately barred from helping with chapel services and was told that his comments were "homophobic" and violated prison policy.He was also told that there would be a disciplinary hearing.

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Participants from the LGBT communities took to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate for their rights.

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