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It's a blessing in that they can understand what other people are experiencing, but all those emotions coming at them can be very tiring. They tend to do well in areas where they can use their artistic or empathic abilities, such as: People born under the sign of Pisces also make good lawyers and judges.

On the face of it, a Leo man Pisces woman combination might make some sense.

When the end comes it would be most likely to be initiated by the Leo woman.

Because Pisces usually carry on an indefinite motive in life.

The Leo female and the Pisces male make good friends in life. They get closer together with time as good friends for life.

The Leo girl gives confidence and security for her pal. This would be a compatible combination for marriage if the duo get to the practical side of life, particularly the Pisces guy.

People born under this sign are caring and compassionate.

Though Leo loves to dominate the scene, the Pisces guy would make a good audience for her.

Fantasy comes naturally for this duo and hence love-making would be a thrill for both.

As a rule, these men are not shy about sharing what is on their mind.

The Leo man knows where he is going and is able to make decisions with confidence. As in other areas of his life, he will want to take charge in the bedroom as well.

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The Pisces man on the other hand is an introvert and has a small circle around him and hence it would be difficult for him to get along with the Leo girl.

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