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Pending checkins updating

The column at the far right (which can optionally be showed/closed) shows a preview for the selected item, along with important identifying information.The top half of the window shows the image thumbnail.To select the target changeset, the user will select the target Plastic SCM server, then a repository inside that server, and finally a changeset inside that repository.In this dialog box, it's possible to set the Writable and Relative Server options for the Xlink. Edit an existing Xlink inside the selected directory.Buttons in the view's toolbar control the display mode: When you exit the Plastic SCM GUI or the Items view, any nodes that you have expanded are remembered, and saved for the next time you call up the view. Both of these numbers are arbitrary, and can easily be customized by the user.By using the items button, you'll gain speed when working.We use Image Magick through the "convert.exe" and "identify.exe" programs.Make sure that you write the full path to both Image Magick binaries since there's another "convert.exe" on "c:\Windows\System32" and this Windows binary is first on your path environment value!

The first program (convert) is used to generate the thumbnail image for the preview functionality, and also for the full size image used by the differences tool.

You can configure the maximum file size to generate the preview of a file when that file is not loaded in the workspace (Browse repository on this label, Browse repository on this branch and Browse repository on this changeset modes).

To do so, add the following key to your The default value is 1 Mi B (1048576 bytes).

For each workspace, you'll have a unique list of recent items.

Most columns in the table display SCM-level metadata: revision identifier, changeset membership, status (checked-in/checked-out), and more.

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There are also a couple of columns that display standard operating system metadata: Size and Date.

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