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She said: “I found the match and pretended to be someone else.

He gave the fake me the exact same speech that I had been given when we started chatting the summer before.

He wanted a relationship, meaningful and passionate. “I let on after a day it was really me, and our relationship was over.

He told me his head had been a mess over his mum, who by then he had also told me had had a series of mini strokes, some with lasting speech conditions.

As 2015 turned to 2016, Anna says Antony’s passion appeared to be cooling and that he explained this because his mother had become ill, showing signs of ovarian cancer.

“He constantly told me he loved me and sent me voice messages saying we would get through any obstacle that came our way,” she said.

“The result is the other party believing they are beginning a real relationship with the hope of a future together and having sex is part of that believed relationship.” Anna has launched her campaign with an online petition.

He explained his periodic absences by saying that as a director his work often took him abroad, to places like Germany and Ireland.

It wasn’t long before she was matched with a man called Antony Ray.

They chatted on the app for a few weeks and Anna remembers that she was drawn to his profile: “It was grounded, sincere.

He was a married man with a wife and children to whom he went home at weekends.

This internet charlatan is also a top lawyer in the City of London.

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She and her boys’ father split in 2010 and by the summer of 2015 Anna was ready to find love again.

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