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Click here for a link to Judge Lynn Toler’s website (and yes, there’s a book! Curious as to whether numerology will help you find the love of your life? One of the best researched stories I’ve seen on the topic in a while was published last week by the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch.10 things dating sites won’t tell you: the risks and rewards of looking for love online, by Quentin Fottrell, delves into the rising costs of online dating; the trends (boomers and gay men are growing markets, apparently); the likelihood your potential matches are lying about something (more than 50%); the likelihood your potential matches are married (not so much, adulterers have their own “dating” sites now – hurray!In fact, the more choice her study participants had, the more difficulty they had making up their mind.And when there was too much to choose from, people weren’t as satisfied with the choices they make. Well, go to any site and you’ll find hundreds – if not thousands – of beautiful strangers looking for a romantic connection.Try a search in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago or Houston.There you will surely find a dialog partner that is best suited to you. On Flirtsofa you find Singles, who are looking for the same as you. The truth is by the time you turn 50, things do start to happen.

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A few years ago, a psychologist at Columbia University by the name of Sheena Iyengar conducted a study on the “tyranny of choice” we face each day by conducting experiments that tempted people with varying amounts of chocolate and fancy jams.

Her conclusion: more choice can actually be worse than less choice.

Everything begins to drop, except your blood pressure and cholesterol, and you suddenly understand why Nora Ephron felt bad about her neck.

And by things, I mean gravity starts to go all “Game of Thrones” on your body.

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