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His modus operandi was not, like Weinstein, about chasing other women. The reason I’m writing this down is because these behaviours are by no means confined to the “glamour” of Hollywood, or starlets, or models. Rejection meant having their reputations trashed by well-placed gossip — slander, basically — and they would be susceptible to his much-stroked and menacing phrase: “You’ll never work in this town again.” Weinstein’s was a case of predatory sexual behaviour in plain sight. I’m assuming — hoping — his friends didn’t know how much worse his behaviour became once they’d said goodbye and driven home to comfortable beds where they could fall asleep in peace. ” “I don’t know how you put up with it,” was the closest anyone came to acknowledging it was unacceptable. Behind the closed bedroom door, his behaviour was so much worse.If I didn’t want to have sex I was accused of “withholding”, of being a “bad girlfriend”.It’s fantastic to get an instant reaction to new paintings I’ve been working on, and it spurs me on to keep creating.The community of artists I’m lucky enough to be part of is the most inspirational and supportive I’ve known since leaving art college.When he joked about his behaviour, his friends would laugh. ” They thought: “If she doesn’t like it, she should leave.” (But as any enlightened person knows, it isn’t that simple.) I spent 10 years of my life with this man. If I worked, it was a problem — if I didn’t I was utterly dependent on him. They might ask me how many times a day I “had to” have sex.“Typical” him, they’d say, as I’m sure it was said a million times that Weinstein’s behaviour was “typical Harvey”. He was a sex addict who was also very abusive and, yes, he had mental health issues. And imposing ideas he’d picked up from pornography on me — among them, slapping me during sex and ejaculating in my face for “the money shot”. Weinstein’s sexual advances were only possible because they were inextricably entwined with his power to offer paid work to women who needed to earn a living. (One started to date someone with a similarly dangerous libido and phoned me after having to perform 15 times in one weekend to ask if I had any tips on how to “speed up” each ordeal.) Even when my ex would pull out his member, “Oh God that’s so typical” was the response, as well as a lot of giggling and repeating of “Oh-God-he’s-so-terrible — isn’t-he-terrible?I strive to show the changing seasons through ‘palette’ of flowers and foliage that I grow which I use to inspire and create my floral designs.Instagram has helped me to champion British cut flowers and share how we sustainable grow them to produce naturally beautiful and stylish designs which reflect our gardens and landscape."Cyclist @ladyvelo "My stories is a narrative of my life on two wheels.

What makes these incidents worse is that on some level they are funny. Sex and money are big markers in abuse — they often go hand-in-hand as ways to control women.I strive to create more awareness for my disorder, whilst trying to bring hope to other sufferers around the world.I mainly use Instagram to document small but important moments from each day of my life, a combination of sad and uplifting experiences but all important regardless.It is also amazing that so many international clients find me on Instagram which has given my career a brand new lease of life."Model @iamiskra "My story is about showing the world that you can stand up for yourself when trolls or online bullies try and attack you and bring you down.Instagram has completely changed my life, opening up opportunities in my career and allowing me to find my voice.

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In restaurants he would follow me to the loo trying to grope me, like a Benny Hill character with hands outstretched, flexing for a squeeze.

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  1. Still has gained recognition among groups that campaign against violence against women, served as keynote speaker in Houston for the National College of District Attorneys and shared her story with Diane Sawyer on “20/20” in October 2006.

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