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Nycdatingsocial com

And while Social Concierge is LGBT-inclusive, if you're heterosexual and dating in NYC or London, you'll know that ratio is drastically different from the bar scene you're accustomed to, where straight women outnumber straight men.Also, you'll have to leave your best wingwomen at at home — unless they're also in the club.Wereko-Brobby says Social Concierge appeals to two types of singles: ones who are at a point where they're serious about meeting someone (after all, they paying a monthly fee) and think modern dating is pretty cringeworthy, or secondly, they're just getting back into the scene after a long-term relationship and need some confidence-building.When Wereko-Brobby brought me around to meet a guy early in the night, she was acting as a mixologist. I'm going to introduce you to this person'." Unlike other dating services, "dating", "love", and "relationship" are all left out of both the company's name and website.There are a bunch of them at the parties, and when you meet one, you'll definitely know. "The idea is that we hire outrageously loud hosts, so it's different from being a party host. Instead, it's marketed as more of a social club where you can attend cocktail parties at trendy venues and oh, btw, everyone's eligible.On the site you'll see things like "a vetted crowd of eligibles" versus "find a relationship or " meet your soulmate".The words "private", "exclusive", "invite-only" popped out to me on the website. "We're looking for well-educated, driven professionals, partly because that's naturally how the network grew up with Oxford and Cambridge grads," Wereko-Brobby says."The second reason is that when I found I was matchmaking years ago, when I asked people what their type was, the first thing they'd say is 'driven', so that's the first thing we look for."Each member needs to apply on the site, which takes about a minute or less and asks some basic questions (college, job), along with whether someone who's already in the club referred you, which helps fast-track you. "There's a degree of attractiveness," Wereko-Brobby says.

They also take a look at your Facebook and Linked In to see that you do interesting things and have an open mind.

"We've avoided that in London but I think it'll be tougher [to avoid that] in New York, especially because there's a lower price point," she says.

You can't deny that dating is becoming more and more niche, but does that give a chance to streamline the process of meeting someone or limit us?

There's a massive (and mesmerizing) fish tank in the center, which is surrounded with mingling twenty/thirtysomethings.

There's a skeeball machine on one end, a bowling lane(!

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She explains that approaching it like a networking event could change the way the think about dating. The more I thought of it as a way to meet people, the more fun I had.

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