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In addition to the obvious abuse of another's territory or possessions, such as sitting at his desk or borrowing his car without asking, there are many other subtle intimidation techniques.

One is to lean against the doorway in another person's office or to sit in his chair.

Some people are habitual doorway leaners and go through life intimidating everyone from first introduction.

An easy way to intimidate someone is to lean against, sit on or use their possessions without their permission.For example, if you are going to take a photograph of a friend and his new car, boat or personal belonging, it's likely that he'd lean against his new possession, put his foot on it or place his arm around it.When he touches the property, it becomes an extension of his body and this is how he shows others that it belongs to him.A salesperson calling on a customer at his home should ask, 'Which chair is yours?' before he sits, because sitting in the wrong chair intimidates its owner and puts him offside.

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Taller men are seen as more protective and can pass this advantage on through their genes.

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