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Pentecostal churches advertise tithing as a condition for enjoying material blessings from God and to back up their claims, they cite Malachi 3:8-10 which says: “Will a man rob God? The church founder, Pastor Gbenga Osho is making millions by giving children to those who are barren.

The pastor popularly known as father of million babies is laughing to the bank every day because he allegedly has the power to produce babies for those who are seeking the fruit of the womb and with the way he parades his abilities, those who are desperate are trooping to his church to get their own share of the babies.

Aside from collecting money from members of his church, Pastor Chris has income streams other than offerings, tithes and donations.

He appears to have a sharp business sense; his face and name sell huge quantities of products which make him such a preacher of the gospel.

The early pastors were always there for their congregation tending to their needs and this was passed across to their successors who were Africans, but the legacy of the likes of Reverend Ajayi Crowther who spent their entire lives ministering to the spiritual needs of members of their faith and widening the knowledge scope of Nigerians generally has since dissipated to a more self-centred doctrine which the pastors of these generation now preach.

The early pastors would give education freely to their congregation just because they wanted them enlightened and tower above their peers in the society which education brings, but today, rather than give cheap education to their congregation who definitely might have contributed towards the construction of these schools, the fees are placed at a range no ordinary member of the church can afford.

And in return, they end up donating different products, including olive oil, especially the one claimed to be from Israel which people rush to buy.

They can also be bought online, via the digital media store of the church website.

Those without money are enjoined to turn in their jewellery, wristwatches and other personal items as offering.

Followers fall over one another to do that, expecting God to run his tap of blessings.

And in appreciation, Oyakhilome wrote him a letter: “May God, who gives seed to the sower and bread for eating, multiply your seeds in Jesus name.” But rather than receive God’s blessings, Agada became a guest of the police when his employers discovered that he had stolen from them to give to the church.

Agada’s employers also insisted that Oyakhilome should refund the money but he refused.

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One of the church’s website advertises audio and visual materials of the Christian faith.