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Of course, as many other dating games, you need to exercise a little in order to be able to play and it also requires a bit of talent. But there are great chances to win her heart if you work hard, earn money and build up your stats.This is the perfect way to entertain yourself when you have some free time at office or at home.In this novel, you are the main character in your last year of college.You will experience relationships, love, but you will also have a lot of fun too.College Romance is a visual type of novel that has every detail of your life as you go through your final year of college.

You will also like the cut scenes, although some might say they weren’t so well done.In College Romance, you will encounter five women, and you will have to date them, and get to know them better.There are more ending versions with each of the five, and there is a lot of content in this story to be discovered.Keep in mind that each of the five girls is different; you will need different dating strategies on each of them.If you prefer an action dating game which is both entertaining and captivating in the same time, Sim Girl (DNA2) is the game.

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Many of these are Japanese exclusives, so they might be hard to play if you can't read Japanese.