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It only takes three or four direct hits to the core take him down, but aiming the grenade launcher and scoring a direct hit is a different story.

Simulation 05 Target: Sachiel, Ramiel, Matariel, Reriel, Zeriel Weapon: Pallet Gun Objective: Shoot down 10 Angels with 400 or under shots to get an S ranking.

Below is a list of what attacks are available at different synch ratios for different missions. Tearing through AT Fields are possible, though very hard. Up on Analog stick A B, Knee kick Up on Analog stick, A B. 100 or higher Bone Snap Up on Analog stick A B, Unforgiving Arm Snap Up on Analog, A B. Grappling 0-59 Finger Strike Up on Analog A B, Body Blow Up on Analog, A B. Running Attacks 0-59 Tackle Up on Analog A, Jump Kick Up on Analog A. Grappling 100 or higher Arm Snap Up on Analog A B, Face Grab Up on Analog A B Running Attacks 0-109 Tackle Up on Analog, A, Jump Kick Up on Analog A.

Missions 08, 12, 12.5, 13 Though the Synch Ratios are shown, they only go down a few points whenever you are hit, or if you're idle for a few seconds and go up a few points for every successful hit. When you go into berserker mode, your synch ratio goes up 100% and if you haven't broken through his AT Field yet, it will go up another 50%. 0-59 (With Progressive Knife) Running Tackle Up on Analog A. 110-119 Jump Kick 2 Up on Analog A, Mounted Strike Up on Analog A.

Pressing and holding down C-down button will raise your AT Field. If you're close enough, you can tear through an Angels AT Field if you raise it when you're close enough and if its own ATF is up (true in Missions 01 and 02.) Tap A and C-down rapidly when this happens.

Your ATF gauge will show how much longer till the Angel's ATF can hold, but if you fail, you are open for a counterattack from the enemy.

Remeber that the same rules apply to whatever Angel you're facing.

The higher synch ratio you have, the more attacks are at your diposal. Grappling 0 - 10 Below 40% means you can't pilot an Eva PERIOD! 0-39 High toss Up on Analog stick A B, Body Blow Up on Analog stick, A B. 100 or higher Body Demolish Up on Analog A B, Penetrating Cut Up on Analog, A B.) Sound Accessed afterfinishing the Easy level the Sound Option lets you listento all the Background music, Voices and Sound Effects. Action Accessed afterfinishing the Hard level the Action Option lets you seeany animation that you already uncovered.Model Accessed after finishingthe Normal level the Model Option lets you see all themodels that are in the game. Before Engaging The Enemy Learning your Units full potential is the key to success. ) Umbilical Cable Since the Evas cannot operate for five minutes on low power mode or one minute on full power mode, The Evas need the Umbilical Cable connected on their backs to supply them with power indefinitely.100 or higher Tackle Strike Up on Analog, A, Leap Up Strike Up on Analog A. Mission Strategy MISSION 01: ANGEL ATTACK Shinji Ikari, a boy of fourteen years of age is forced to pilota machine known only as Evangelion Unit 01. If you want to beat him real quick, just keepgrabbing him.If you're close enough, press C-down to put up your AT Fieldand tap button A and C-down to break through the Angel's ATF.

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