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Most intimidating fonts

With typefaces as NPM packages, you could do something like and… Perhaps if self-hosting fonts wasn’t so annoying I’d do it more…

So I wrote a quick and dirty script to create packages for the typefaces used on this blog (Alegreya and Alegreya Sans) and… I added a few more typefaces for some other projects and things were looking really good.

After reading up on the process, I realized that webpack actually did most of the work.

Much easier to drop a little Google Fonts Last fall, a client asked me to use some commercial typefaces for a Gatsby site I was building.

Atkinson, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to take it from paper to keyboard. Well, for those who don't know the history, it survived in Atkinson’s ubiquitous book, Sign Painting, published first in 1908, the generational standard for anyone interested in sign-related type design.

But when fellow signmaker Frank Smith laid the groundwork for this intriguing typeface by Frank H.

In our Shopify Theme, we can reference the fonts we want to include, using the HTML method by adding the following line of code in our theme.liquid file: We will want to add our code snippet to the theme.liquid file because the Google Font snippet needs to be referenced on every page of your Shopify store.

For example, if you only add the code snippet to your product.liquid file, the web fonts will only be visible on your product page.

If you would like some guidance on pairing fonts, or need a source of inspiration, there are many sites online that can help you out.

My personal favorite for finding sources of inspiration is Type Wolf, which also has a page dedicated to Google Font combinations.

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Once upon a time, I thought self-hosting web fonts was intimidating. The last 4-5 years of my life have seen the steady accumulation of more and more files with longer and longer lists of NPM package dependencies for my various node and web projects. Compared to the bad ol’ days of checking in dependencies of dubious origin (or worse, having to follow a generally out-of-date, managing everything with NPM is beautiful.