Mormon polygamy dating sites Free chats no sign up

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Mormon polygamy dating sites

He says: 'It takes a lot of work and patience to deal with the emotions of more than one wife.When I became a polygamist with my second marriage, I did not have a good time at all.Instead, I am greeted by a man who is articulate, intelligent and softly spoken.True, physically speaking Moroni - named after a Mormon god - is hardly a catch.

Finally, their coaxing seems to ease Moroni's mood.

Buxom, amiable and in her mid-30s, she is every inch the average housewife and mother.

At least she is until I glance to Moroni's right, and see the second woman who is trying to placate him.

The result was 'bride' number two, Temple, 27 - a Martha lookalike with straight dark hair, eager smile and thick glasses.

Polygamy is outlawed in America, but many polygamists live in rural backwaters.

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I was asked by a TV production company to fly around the world investigating the extraordinary relationships that women choose in the name of love.

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