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Julie and Tommy are escorted backstage, waiting to be introduced as king and queen of the prom. When the prom king and queen are announced, the curtain pulls back to reveal Randy beating up Tommy.

Randy knocks Tommy out, then escorts a thrilled Julie from the stage through the crowd.

One day, Skip enters Suzi's house, apparently looking for Beth.

He goes upstairs and finds a woman in the shower in Beth's bedroom.

Valley Girl is a 1983 American romantic comedy film directed by Martha Coolidge, and stars Nicolas Cage, Deborah Foreman, Michelle Meyrink, Elizabeth Daily, Cameron Dye and Michael Bowen.

The American release of Valley Girl was April 29, 1983.

Chat With People from Pakistan, India, Uk and UAE , Meet Our Cool Members, Hundreds of Cool Boys and Girls Chatting, Discussing and Spending Funny Time Together! Currently not interested in a relationship at the moment other than FRIENDS.. Rushing is not an option- want to take things one step at a time.. I love hanging out with friends and family and going to the movies and out to eat. Tommy and Julie ride to the prom in a rented stretch limousine; Randy and Fred arrive shortly after and sneak backstage.Randy becomes increasingly annoyed with watching the Valley High kids dance, but Fred assures him all is going according to plan.A subplot involves Suzi and her stepmother, Beth (Lee Purcell), vying for the attention of a boy named Skip (David Ensor).At her party, Suzi tells Beth, who is chaperoning, about Skip, whom she likes and hopes will show up. Skip is also attracted to Beth and goes out of his way to go to see her without Suzi finding out.

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Fred chides Randy for moping over Julie, but tells him he needs to fight if he truly wants her back.