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Ashley Regina just tweeted: “Does anyone else think April the Giraffe is going to yell ‘Gotcha! ”Another person added: “Starting to feel like #April The Giraffe is all a big #April Fools Day joke, but I can't stop watching.”9am BST: April is finally hitting the “home stretch” of her pregnancy.

Last night the Animal Adventure Park sparked excitement by telling April’s fans: “Keep watching - we are in the home stretch!

The mum-to-be is now pacing around her pen and having small bites of hay. I knew the past 3.5 weeks of watching her backside would EVENTUALLY pay off! I get excited, thinking it's the big moment- she tenses, strains, I cheer her on, and then she poops.”2.20pm BST: Animal Adventure Park believes the big day has finally arrived.On the live stream a spirited Donald Trump debate is currently underway showing April transcends BST After a bit of fuss from her keepers its lights out for April – but the maternal mammal seems to be finding it hard to get comfortable.ABC news presenter Kelly Dazzle just tweeted: “Someone! I'm watching a giraffe's back end like it's a Justin Timberlake concert.”Another Twitter user responded: “You are not alone.”1.40pm BST: Animal Adventure Park just teased its fans by saying it kept watch over April all night.In a morning update, the zoo said: “She continues to progress.

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”8.20am BST: April’s zookeepers admit the giraffe has been very moody yesterday.

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