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“I pulled the shades down and locked the door and drank some vodka,” she tells me, “and sat on the floor and shook like this. I didn’t want him to be mad at me.” Why let cameras in?

The footage was so raw, so revealing of a young woman’s psyche, that Fonda found it traumatic to watch the film, decades after the fact.

“I think about that all the time,” she tells me, sipping her tea. And I feel like a different human being.” We are never just one person over the course of our lives.

This is true of most people but especially of Fonda, someone who would grow and stretch and mold herself searching for the skin that fit her best.

From the outside, she and Roger Vadim had a romantic fever dream.

But Vadim accused her of being “bourgeois” and pushed for an open marriage.

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Black turtleneck, black fedora and tall black boots over black leggings, with a dozen thin gold strands dangling around her neck. Fonda couldn’t have predicted how fashion would come to dominate the red carpet, but in every other conceivable way this woman has been way ahead of her time.

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  1. The shop would become a focal point of the punk rock scene, bringing together participants such as the future Sid Vicious, Marco Pirroni (who became a guitarist, songwriter and record producer), Gene October (who became the singer for the punk band Chelsea), and Mark Stewart, among many others.